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It is our commitment to enhance the life of our devoted viewers through the television broadcasts with clean contents and programs. It is our pledge to the society to give them something in favor of its progress and establishment.

  1. Our aim is to provide television access to the people of the country, Japan. The different zones and fields of the Japanese people, starting from Politics to Sports, we care to disseminate the social awareness and cultural practices among all to keep out rich heritage enliven.

  2. This access is utilized by the Government of Japan as well to communicate and provide relevant information to the people of the country. Thus, we have been working as a medium of communication. We appreciate the fact that we serve the country in some way and that we will continue with this job in future.

  3. We want to give our consumers the best possible support through our customer service. It is our pledge to maintain a satisfying relationship with all our consumers and provide them finest service and entertainment.

  4. Our mission includes giving our revered consumers clean facilities with no hidden terms and conditions. We believe in the clarity of communication.

  5. We work with all modern equipments to provide the consumers zero error in connectivity. Giving customer the priority to anything else is our primary pursuit.

  6. It is our goal to act as a primary storyteller of our country. We will become the platform to represent the unique culture and tradition of our thousands of years’ old heritage.

  7. Through this television broadcasting channel we aim at promoting Japan as a potential community postured for business and growth.

  8. One of our missions is to bring the world’s best activities to inspire and instigate the youth culture of Japan, and enrich the lives of the native people of the country.

By offering variety of programs that will educated and make the citizens of the society think, we are aiming at giving the world the strong work culture and technological improvement that the modern economic world is waiting for.

We are empowering you to be updated to the viewing standard that will set the bar in the time to come, and we are making our progress towards setting that standard. Not only our technical support or service engineers also work as team towards a common goal of TC Tv where we are working to spread the visual awareness throughout the region. So far many of the users have supported us and we are expecting more widespread support from people across all type of socio-economical communities in the country.

At the end, we pledge not only to serve you better but to make you and your knowledge better through our TC Tv Platform, and we welcome you to join us.