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TC Tv admires the keen interest people of Japan have for the different arena of the society. From this admiration our team has been inspired to bring out something that will incite your eagerness and enthusiasm, because we believe that the journey after the independence was very difficult and the Japanese people were able to make it!

The Western powers with their overwhelming supremacy in technology reined the major part of Asia, and undoubtedly the resulting sense of crisis drove Japan to pursue modernization. As you people always were and will be eager to know, to pursue the unknown and grow keeping rhythm with the developed country of the world, TC Tv team brings you numerous programs that will keep you updated with the latest happenings in the world. Since the launch of our Tv channel we have enjoyed huge positive response from all the viewers from all corner of our country. It is undoubted that your support and encouragement has enlisted us among the fastest growing top 20 ad supported cable infotainment network.

We at TC Tv always try to inspire the nation, particularly the new generation of the country by telecasting the sports, economy and many other things. We try to develop in them the heart and mind to make judgments, to make logical comments and the will to contribute in the society – both economically and socially. Not only that, TC Tv has been voted among the most popular TV channels this year- by one of the leading journals.

The most satisfying thing of TC Tv channel is that our Tv channel never displays a single offensive or adult content and all the programs can be viewed with family and friends. Though there are many ways to enjoy and explore the channel still we believe that this is the best we offer to you- the sense of unity. All our channel staffs and crew members work incessantly to produce a program worth this kind of satisfying experience. All our hard work is only to show the mirror of the fast growing world to the people of our nation. Because, Japan is one of the fastest growing country in the world and we have some sincere responsibility towards its development.

Through this Tv channel we want to develop a connection to the people, a bond that will last long without any condition, a relation that is beneficial for both. Even within our team we believe in clear communication and understanding- this is the best way to serve our employees as well as the consumers.

Our company TC tv enjoys the reputation of being the best community partner, therefore, we care for the meaningful relation we share with all our employees and thus, understanding each other becomes all the easier for us. This is probably the reason behind the rise of TC Tv as the leading channels in the short span of time.

And above all this, the success of TC Tv owes a lot to the editor in chief MR. — who’s visionary and decision making power must need mentioning.